Sunday, April 26, 2009

Oakwoods Cemetery--CANCELLED AND (hopefully) RESCHEDULED

thanks so much for all your hardwork. due to torrential downpours yesterday and what looks like lots more rain today, we have to cancel today's trip to clean up the cemetery.
HOPEFULLY (i have to just talk to the person responsible for the jewish part of the cemetery), we will go next sunday instead.
just keep in touch about timing, etc.
hopefully, we'll be able to do this.
tizku le'mitzvot.

Monday, April 20, 2009

commemorate earth week

UChicago is putting together the following event:

Oikos Interfaith Lakefront Clean-up Service Project
Co-sponsored by Rockefeller Chapel

Sunday, April 26 at 2:00 pm

Join us as we close out Earthweek with an
environmental clean-up project which will bring
together people of different faiths in service to the Earth.

Please meet us at Rockefeller Chapel (in the lobby at the south
end of the Chapel) at 2pm to participate in a local Lakefront clean-up.
Afterward, we will return to the Fellowship Room, lower level of
Rockefeller Chapel, for refreshments and an interfaith discussion on our
faith and environmental action. Please RSVP to Laura at or 702-7111 if you plan to participate.

team for cemetery clean up on sunday

we can go team up with bnai mitzvah from anshe shalom to clean up the cemetery THIS sunday (april 26). it would be a great time to go for a few reasons:
1. we want to do it and so we should soon
2. the anshe shalom group will have tools and ideas of how to do this, so it's wise to team up with them
3. serving as role models for 12-13 year olds is a really great thing to do

if people can make time this sunday, please please let me know so we can organize a ride and that sort of situation.

updates and ideas

it's been awhile, so i figured we should recap and update some happenings.

*we're still up for a trip to clean up the jewish cemetery on the south side. i am working to see if we can get some of our friends from surrounding communities to team up with us. it might only be able to be for a couple of weeks, but, even so, that could be really wonderful. any effort we put in means that much more has been done towards kavod ha'met. and also, this is likely the type of thing that, once the ball gets rolling, it may continue to roll much more easily.

*our first pairing up with an elderly person in hyde park is getting going. if more people are interested in this, i bet we can find some more people for them to spend time visiting, so just be in touch if that's something you would want to do.

*would people be interested in another clothing drive at the end of the quarter for when people are packing up to go home or to move? if so, that would be supremely easy to pull together. it can also be very short--we can do it for just finals week or something and then drive the stuff up to the ark or wherever else the donaters want to give to. so, again, if so, just be in touch about that.

what else? what other ideas of good stuff do people have for the next 8 weeks?