Sunday, February 1, 2009

An Easy Way to Do Something Good...

We all (most) use Amazon pretty regularly, so here's an easy way to do some good.

Amazon has selected a few charities to which it will donate part of its proceeds, so long as you access Amazon through the website of the charity. I don't know what all of them are, but I do know that Project Health is one of them.

Project Health is an organization that does several fantastic things, and you can learn all about them by going to the website ( One program with which I am involved is the Family Help Desk program. We have desks at a few hospitals across the country, including three in Hyde Park (at Comer, which is UChicago's children's hospital), the Friend Family Health Center, and La Rabida Hospital. Students volunteer to take shifts at the desk during which they help families of patients acquire resources to help fulfill their psycho-social needs. For example, we might help a client find employment, pay their utility bills, or have access to food to feed their families. Just as Teach for America helps to close the gap between good education and low income, so too Project Health works to close the gap between good health and low income. It's a fabulous cause, and I highly recommend you reading up on it, or even getting involved.

BUT you can easily help the cause without doing any of that (even though I would hope that people would want to know about the cause they are helping) by having your Amazon orders give part of the money to Project Health.

SO next time you put in an Amazon order, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go through the Project Health website ( and you will see (on the lower right) a link to Amazon. Amazon will donate up to 15% of proceeds to Project Health so this is such an incredibly easy way to make sure that a great organization gets money it needs to fund its operations.

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