Sunday, February 1, 2009

Team Chessed Begins!

Okay, I know you guys think I'm nutso, but I'm all for being a better person, SO I am initiating Team Chessed.
Basically, the point is to be a better person vis-a-vis other people. There will be no talk of goals and institutionalizing this establishment. All I'm saying is I want to work on doing some volunteer stuff and am inviting you all to join me. But, seriously, no talk of the philosophy behind the mission and why this versus that. You are welcome to do whatever good things you think you should do to be a better person. I stand behind you. But really this one's just because I feel like I can afford to do more good stuff, and would love company. I want practice and less theory.

(For the record, I am all for discussing the philosophy behind priorities and choices, but that's not my goal in this project. Lord knows we do plenty of theoreticizing (yes, I made that word up), and often that comes at the expense of acting.)


Operation #1: Making sandwiches for Hyde Park's Homeless.
When: Every Thursday (starting next week, not this one because I'll be in NYC). 4.30 pm. Place TBA (since Hillel closes at 4.30 on Thursdays... Not sure what to do about that)
Why: Because we have responsibility to the people around us. If you are one of those people who believe people choose to be homeless, I don't want to hear it, and you don't have to come.
I'll buy some bread and peanut butter. Feel free to donate some materials to the cause.

Operation #2: I'm gonna ask Rabbi Brackman about visiting elderly people in the area.
All details on this one TBA.

Operation #3: Learning Torah
When: Well I don't know whatever happened to my Weekly Beit Midrash program, but we're gonna learn mishnayot at Hillel every shabbos. Anyone is welcome. We'll be in the beis (beit midrash for the sephardim among us--third floor sacred book library for those who like English better). You'll know when because I will inevitably yell that we're going to learn upstairs. I guess this one is less chessed related, but whatever, mitzvot are good too. Plus, maybe we'll learn about tzedaka and then we can tie it in. Or not.

I would make a facebook group, but you guys know... me and facebook=not such a good shidduch. SO sorry. Just let me know if you're in or whatever have you.

Also, shamayim points are always good, for those of us who may have less sense of duty towards--heck, I don't know--the universe.


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