Thursday, March 12, 2009

projects for next quarter

darlingest friends,
i want to put together some projects for next quarter.
thus far, the list looks like this:
--putting together a group to fix up the cemetery. in order to do this, we're going to need to do a tad bit of research about how to best do this. but we should definitely do it.
--visiting the elderly. mir and i have been contacting some places and we will do our best to pair everyone up with someone who is interested, but please let me know sooner rather than later if you are so that i can effectively help you out here.
--sandwiches--is anyone interested in this?
--learning--open beit midrash is every monday at 6.30 (unless we switch the time for next quarter). come learn. you can learn for the refua of cholim or just to learn. you can learn about social justice or just learn whatever you want.
--any other suggestions you may have.
tizku le'mitzvot.
and super good luck with finals.

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