Thursday, May 7, 2009

kiva lending team

hi all,

i have made a lending team on for team chessed.

for those of you who don't know what is, you should.

first of all, because it is the coolest thing in the whole wide world.
second of all, because it's an incredible opportunity to make a substantial impact in lives of others.

basically, you can lend any amount of money (from $25) you want to a variety of causes, and the idea is that they will repay you once their business gets off the ground.

anyway, there is very little risk in doing this--the idea is that you get paid back. and meanwhile, instead of sitting in a bank, your money makes a huge impact in someone's life, as well as empowers them to help themselves.

the rambam says that the highest level of tzedaka is to help someone be mefarnes him/herself. kiva gives a safe and easy way to do this.

i urge you to join and make a loan. and definitely join team chessed's team.

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