Sunday, February 1, 2009


Dear All,
This one's super easy, so let's do it.
If you have clothing to donate, you can give it to me (Beruria) or you can bring it to Hillel and I will make sure to set up a box for clothing donations there.
Ideas of where to give the clothing/to whom to donate it? Feel free to post comments regarding this.
And mucho thanks to Hila for this beauteous and simple idea.
I think probably any lightly used clothing should be okay. If we decide on a place/a cause, we can figure out more exactly what can be donated (for example, maybe shoes could be).

If people have hats to donate, we can give them to cancer patients through the Heavenly Hats organization--

UPDATE: We have four boxes of clothing so far. Keep it up!


    sa will pick up!

  2. Maybe we could put a box at Chabad? I bet Baila wouldn't mind. We should ask Chabad do send something out in their weekly e-mail, and also Hillel.

  3. brilliant!
    also, this thing totally has a warped sense of time. i guess it's on pacific time. hmm.

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  5. there is currently a box set up at hillel next to the staircase

    chabad plans on setting up a box in their home as well

    donations will be accepted until 2/17/2009

    thoughts about where to donate include:
    salvation army (some people voiced opposition to this on religious grounds. if we want to do this, we should probably look into what the money/proceeds go to.)

    good will

    a jewish cause (we should research these)

  6. Avi Finegold suggested donating to The Ark, a Chicago-based Jewish group that provides support for Jews in need.

    He is willing to drive the stuff there for us, which would make life very easy.

  7. lets do the ark. they are good.

  8. Yelp recommends Salvation Army and the Brown Elephant.

    Though interestingly enough- Project Glass Slipper- which needs gently used Prom Dresses, is based out of Chicago.

    There is also an active Freecylcing community. But I don't think that would suit us well.

    I am pro the Brown Elephant personally. It is life twice- once through clothing, and the money goes to support the under- and non-insured (for the GBLT community- which for them, would be primarily teens/twenties who have been kicked out of their homes because of orientation. Yes that still happens in the US)

    You know- we could do a whole project of just books that we are not reading. And that would get a huge amount of use.

    Check it!