Monday, February 23, 2009

donate dvd's to soldiers in iraq

hila sent me the following:
check it out.

for those too lazy to copy and paste that into their browser, the brief synopsis is that, in short, a student here is collecting dvd's for his friend's unit in iraq that has some down time and could use something to fill their time.

regardless of our views on the politics of the war itself, our soldiers have committed to risking their lives for america, and for us as citizens of the USA. perhaps our generally negative views on the war underscore the importance of showing support for our peers who are serving in this war; the discourse surrounding the war cannot make it easier to do what is already a daunting task. if there is any way in which we can better the lives of our soldiers, that would be a beautiful thing.

so please check out the facebook event and if you have any dvd's that you no longer feel the need to hold on to, follow the instructions on the facebook event page, or you can just give them to me and i'll make sure they get there.

keep up the good work!


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