Thursday, February 19, 2009

le'zecher those who were murdered at yeshivat merkaz harav

Monday night/Tuesday marks one year from the terrorist attack in which eight young men studying at Yeshivat Merkaz HaRav were tragically and brutally murdered in their yeshiva.

I am sure many of you remember the images of the attack--blood on the front page of a gemara, blood spilled between the shelves of sefarim, and a yeshiva in frantic disarray. This attack stood out as particularly tragic because a house of Torah--a place that should always be safe, and, frankly, a place in which people are committed to Torah, which is described as etz hachayim--was the site chosen. The juxtapositions of commitment to pure goodness and of commitment to pure evil, of life and death, and of vibrance and absolute darkness were poignant.

In memory of the victims of this attack, people around the world are being asked to take on a mitzvah on their yahrtzeit. (

We will be donating the clothing from the clothing drive on Monday night, and, as such, I wanted to suggest that the zechut of this donation be in memory of the victims of this attack. These young men were cut down with so much goodness left to give. May the warmth and comfort we bring to others bring some goodness in memory of those who were committed to goodness.

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